Mozart - Genius or Jester?


The cult of Mozart veneration started during the composer’s own lifetime. Ferrying "Wolferl" around Europe as a child prodigy, Leopold Mozart took advantage of the incessant fascination with the extraordinary, the genius, both in scientific circles and in traveling theatrical shows. His wife Constance, in the eyes of the family a rather inappropriate marriage, tells in her own simple way of the genius and husband Mozart. Ever since Constance began to transfigure the image of her husband by wiping the worldly dust off his face, Mozart’s name and image have become markers of quality. She introduces you to his music and his family life but also to the society of 18th century Austria.


Solo show or with singer and/ or piano only – approx. 90 minutes with slide show.

Turn this evening into an unforgettable event and have an extensive Austrian menu along with it.