Casanova – Much More Than Just a Lover


Casanova will forever be connected to the cliché of the romantic lady-killer who constantly seeks new adventures all the time – and the women always fell for him.


But Casanova is much more than a cheap cliché and his genius is widely underestimated: he studied and graduated in law from Padua but proved to be one of the experts in medicine during his time. As a priest he was less talented but very much adored by the ladies in his church. After this failure he tried a new career in the military and as a violinist. In 1756 he was the first prisoner in history to escape from the lead chambers of the Doge Palace in Venice, which made him famous all over Europe. He introduced the Lottery to France; he worked as a diplomat, author, astrologer, economist, teacher and even as an informer for the Catholic Inquisition. His charms, his travels and his encyclopaedic knowledge made him a star of the Rococo period. His favorite lover Henrietta tells the story of this adventurous life.


Solo program approx. 60 minutes with an extensive slide show. In combination with concert: famous love arias. The show is just delightful in combination with a 5-course dinner of aphrodisiacal dishes (Casanova’s Love Dinner.)