The Ship is a Stage of Entertainment“


Sailing Yachts like SEA CLOUD and SEA CLOUD II, 5-Star Cruise Ships like MS EUROPA, Expedition Ships like the HANSEATIC or the BREMEN, the “German Loveboat” MS BERLIN or River Yachts like the RIVER CLOUD and RIVER CLOUD II...
since 1994, I have worked on 15 Cruise ships as  CRUISE DIRECTOR, sailed around the world with 46 Captains on more than 300 international cruises on the seven seas and got to know every penguin in Antarctica.


I have also worked for many shipping companies handling product development, operations as well as designing and leading theme cruises.


How about a unique theme cruise under a special motto?


In the last few years I have developed my theme cruises for international cruise ship companies and incentives. The theme you choose will be represented in all aspects of the voyage: routing, excursions, design, culinary experiences and entertainment.


If you are looking for the right ship, the perfect event at sea, a creative and unique partner for your cruise design, we will be the wind in your sails: