Lecturetainment –The Witty Way to Learn!


Did you know that it was said that Sir Peter Paul Rubens mixed blood into his paint or why the Austrian Empress Elisabeth never smiled? Did you know that Giuseppe Verdi went to St. Petersburg in fluffy fur underwear or that Casanova was actually a priest? Is it a surprise for you that the death of Peter Tchaikovsky is still a mystery?

Interesting questions – unexpected answers – fascinating stories, larger than life, told and performed in a lively manner.

Lecturetainment –The Smart Way to Understand History!

Lecturetainment, the modern way of telling a true story: meet real people out of the history books, enjoy the witty and entertaining episodes told by famous people “themselves” presented with a colorful and rich slide presentation and music. See a kaleidoscope of art, culture, society and politics of times gone by. Profound knowledge, background information and a charming presentation offer you a travel back in time – simply the smart way to learn

Why Lecturetainment?

A few years ago I was traveling on the Danube with American guests and I wondered how could one present 500 years of Austrian history in an entertaining way… so I slipped into the character of Empress Elisabeth and the enthusiastic reactions proved that history does not have to be boring. Many times I’ve heard after a performance: “I wish I had a teacher like you at school, I would have been much better in history”

Lecturetainment unplugged

Lecturetainment can be performed practically everywhere. All you need is a projector and a screen, if you prefer the performance include a concert you also need a tuned piano.

Length and focus of the show can be designed to fit your needs. Please contact me for details: mail (at) pwitzigmann.de.


Do you have any specific theme you prefer? The choice is yours!

Lecturetainment is also an ideal way to promote your cruises to clients because all lectures can be performed in combination with promotional material and destination introductions:e.g. I have performed Sisi at the Chicago Symphony Hall for potential travelers of a Danube trip to support the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

All lectures can also be performed in German.