Patricia Witzigmann


I was born in West Berlin, Germany. After grammar school I attended drama school as well as studying English, Italian and Theatre Studies at The Free University of Berlin. In 1987 I started work on cruise ships as a dancer, dance teacher and ballet master as well as production manager for production shows. I also worked for Show Center in Hamburg, Germany as a choreographer, costume designer and production manager for galas, event marketing, incentives, theatre and television. On international tours I have traveled to France and Russia with magic shows and dance performances.  After moving to Hamburg, I began performing in local theatres. In 1994, I was hired as the cruise director on the “German Love Boat.” Since then, I am a true “Shipoholic” and have sailed from Europe to Antarctica, Asia, Australia plus North and South America as a cruise director, expedition leader and lecturer. Many cruise ship and travel companies benefit from my experience worldwide as a consultant for marketing and innovative project development.


By the way did you know that “witzig” as in Witzigmann means funny? Isn’t that funny…


A detailed CV is available upon request.  mail (at)