Elisabeth –the Reluctant Empress


Elisabeth is considered to be the historic equivalent of Lady Diana and indeed there are many parallels.
The life of a young Bavarian princess, who becomes the Empress of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and wife of Emperor Francis-Joseph looks like a Cinderella story but she will tell you the truth about the Viennese court and the intrigues of the powerful Habsburg family. Elisabeth, called Sisi, was certainly one of the most beautiful women of her time; she saw herself as the reincarnation of Titania from Shakespeare’s Midsummer Nights Dream – a self-created myth, full of contradiction and fascination. The perfect introduction for a trip to Vienna!


Solo programme (or with partner) approx. 60 minutes with an extensive slide show. Also in combination with concert of Viennese melodies. (with up to 10 different costumes!)