Destination Lectures

In addition to Lecturetainment I also hold lectures about destinations, history and art subjects


– General Destination Lectures for European ports and many destinations around the world
– Excursion Preparation
– Special Themes and Readings


For example



“Trollology, the Mystical Creatures of the Fjords“
“Edvard Munch – the last Scream“
“Edvard Grieg – Music of the North“



“Viva Verdi“
“Famous Sons of Venice“
“Heavenly Instruments – the History and Construction of Violins“
“Palladio, Italy’s Great Architect“



“The Gold of the Zsars“
“The Hanseatic League“
“The Vikings“


European Waterways: Rhine and Danube

“History and Construction of the Main-Danube-Canal“
“The Nibelungen- the first Soap Opera in History“
“Land reclamation in the Netherlands“
“Tulipomania – in the spell of flowers“
“European Union“
“Everything you always wanted to know about the Krauts and never dared to ask” - German History in a shoebox.“




“Greek Mythology and Ancient Every Day Life“

“Barcelona, City of Art“

“Rome Between Eternal Fame and Chaos”

“Spanish and Portuguese Discoverers”